The worry-go-round of parenthood usually starts off as a single thought of  “I should have …”  or “what if…”.

More thoughts and lists begin to wildly swirl round and around causing perpetual motion – welcome to the worry-go-round in your head – your own fairground ride of stress, exhaustion and mental chaos!

But don’t worry!  You can change your worry-go-round into a merry-go-round again. When you attend the once a month workshops it means you get to turn your head off for a full 3 hours and reboot your body and mind which makes it easier to rethink your way to an easier family life.



When you come to this workshop you learn how to “switch off” both mentally and physically. I will teach you how to recharge your body so you feel energised. I will teach you how to slow down the worry-go-round in your head so you can think clearly again and gain back the reins of control on your thought processes. The way we think directly effects how we feel so when you learn to think better you’ll begin to feel better more of the time and family life is much easier when you’re in control of your own mind.

Bed time is the only time you get to yourself to think things through and plan the next day, this makes it hard to stop thinking and start sleeping. This class is also designed to help you sleep better more of the time every day you use the Support Audio MP3’s which you can use in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t get much time as a parent, so you need to spend it wisely.


These Workshops are essentially a stress management tool for you as a Parent. Whether you’re child is newborn or eighteen or even older, during these Workshops you learn invaluable, easy to use tools to keep your sanity in check while managing kids, work, home and everything else that goes along with being a parent.

HipMums  “You’re A Parent” Workshop, is all about you relaxing and recharging so you can train your brain to deal with stress. The inside of your mind is where you get to live all your life, there is no rest or break from it. Your mind is your permanent home. At this workshop you will learn how to feel at home inside your own mind because this is the key to an easier family life.

Wear something comfortable to the Workshops so you can just sit back and relax in the ultimate chill out loungers. Think of going for a massage for 3 hours and dress for it, comfort is key.


Workshops run once a month at Castleknock Hotel & Country Club on Saturday from 10:00pm  to 1pm.

€65 for full 3 hour Workshop

Use the BOOK NOW button below and choose the Workshop Date from the Online Calender.

For Corporate Packages please email me on :

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