You’re Pregnant



You will learn a proven
mind calming technique,
so you feel in control
of yourself during labour.


You will learn an effective
relaxation technique
specifically designed to target
your birthing muscles


You will learn a powerful
pain relief technique to
ease your contractions


You will also have the ultimate back up plan. For all the unknowns that childbirth may present to you on the day and any “what if” or “I don’t  think I can do this” scenarios, at the click of a switch you can gain back the reigns of control at any stage throughout your baby’s birth so you remain in control of yourself and the decisions that feel right for you on the day.
All you do, is press PLAY.

No matter what the outcome, whether you choose a hospital or home birth, an epidural or maybe a section was necessary, no matter what was the right choice for you on the day, because you trained your brain and done everything in your power to have a better birth for you and your baby, you will feel amazing, because you are, look what you have delivered into this world, your amazing baby.



Book anytime after Week 13.

Receive Starter-Pack & CD1.

Attend Workshop at 32 Weeks.

Receive CD2 & CD3 & Workshop Handbook.

Complete Workshop at 38 Weeks.

You’re totally prepared for D-Day.






Workshop consists of 2 Classes.

Attend Class 1.

Practise break of 2 weeks inbetween classes.

Attend Class 2.






Castleknock Hotel & Country Club, Dublin 15.

Saturdays from 1:30pm  to 5:30pm.


Wear something comfortable to the Workshops so you can just sit back and relax in the ultimate chill out loungers and create the perfect birthing environment for you and your baby so you feel totally in control of yourself during all the stages of labour.





This Unique 2 day Workshop is €350.

A deposit of €50 will secure your place.

(Press the BOOK NOW button below)


You can pay the balance as follows:

  • (A) 1 payment of €300
  • (B) 3 monthly payments of €100
  • (C) 10 weekly payments of €30.00


Contact me by phone or email so we can work it out.

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