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Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy

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Neuro linguistics Programming

I have a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy. I’m a licensed Master Practitioner and a qualified Mind&Business NLP Coach certified by The Society of NLP.

I trained with Ina May Gaskin in 2011 at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee. The Midwifery Assistant Workshop introduced me to the skills and  knowledge to assist a practicing midwife at home or birth center delivery.

I am currently training to be a Birth Doula with Dona International. DONA sets the bar for doula education and professional development. It indicates to families that a doula has achieved a high level of training and professionalism. DONA International has the highest certification standards for doulas worldwide.

left whiteHi, I’m Vivienne Kerrigan. I’m a hypnotherapist & NLP Mind Coach from Dublin, Ireland, where I live with my husband Derek and our 2 girls.

I started using hypnosis years ago for severe period pain. My sister-in-law was pregnant at that time so I adjusted the techniques to work for labour pain and thats when I got interested in childbirth and the effects it has on women, emotionally and mentally.

I’ve been working with pregnant women for over 12 years. So the combination of this invaluable personal experience, the use of NLP to train the brain to repattern how women think about childbirth coupled with the deep relaxation qualities of hypnosis has resulted in this unique ante natal programme.

Since becoming a mum I’ve discovered a calm mind and a relaxed body are imperative for an easier lifestyle which is why I developed the other programmes as an Audio Support for you to use in the comfort of your own homes.rightt white

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My Birthing Story

At the time of my first daughter’s birth I was really upset that I didn’t get my home birth but when I looked back on the birth I’m actually well impressed with myself.

After many, many, many, many hours at home, using a birth pool, my hypnosis techniques, some gas&air, and my Cd playing on a loop in the background, we had to transfer into the hospital because I was stuck at 2cm.

I remember feeling totally devastated not getting my home birth but I was listening to my CD so those feelings quickly faded into the background as I concentrated on breathing through the continuous contractions.

At the hospital it all seemed surreal. Lots of talk about IV lines set up, hooking up to baby monitor, checking heart rates, I could feel panic edging its way into my head as Oxytocin was prescribed.

I put the earphones back in and listened to the Cd for the 100th time, the reassurance I felt was exactly what I needed to feel inside before going head to head with Oxytocian

The Cd was on permanent loop once they started the Oxytocin drip and I remember sitting up in the bed thinking so this is what labour feels like, my god these contractions are strong , I was awestruck because they felt as if they were working now, it felt like progress. I remember thinking OK I’m ready, I’m doing this, I’m having this baby vaginally.

Next thing I remember the Cd ending and I’m struggling to get onto my knees so the baby could move down. I was telling the baby, I’m calm, I have this you just chill out in there, everything is going to be fine.

You’re in your body but everything is working without you, it’s a familiar feeling but I felt hesitant because the sound coming out of my mouth with each contraction was so unfamiliar to me. My God I was loud, I could feel the contractions in my toes. I was taken aback with this feeling and the sounds I was making but I just went for it.

I would describe the contractions as extremely Intense with a capital I, I knew it was meant to feel like this so I was reassured by the intensity rather than overwhelmed by pain I was dilating, I could feel it so I didn’t care what I sounded like. It was helping me concentrate on the hypnosis breathing.

I knew I could handle the contractions because they didn’t actually hurt, the intensity was still reassuring so I felt in control.

“ breath, breath, breath, Peak, peak, peak, over. “ the voice in my ear was saying as I zone into the CD, I kept hearing it, so I just kept doing it.
I used gas & air until the contraction peaked and then hand the mask to Derek, who considered using it himself!

There was no doubt I was at the height of them at this stage because it felt like 5 seconds and then there was another one, the more this kept happening the more in control I felt.

4 hours later I finally got to 10cm but it wasn’t meant to be, she was stuck. After all that, it ended in an emergency section. The Cds had done their job. Even on the way down to the theatre I could heard the Cd in my head, reminding me to focus on my breathing, to stay calm for the operation, she needed to feel safe and I was the only one that could make her feel that way. I was happy that I’d get another go at using my hypnosis techniques on the next one because they worked and they were good they were very, very, good.


Alexandra was a planned VBAC . I’d done all the work, my hypnosis techniques where highly tuned. 2 weeks over due, I listened to the Cd all the way into the hospital in the car.I was in the hypnosis zone, calm, in-control but yet slightly uncomfortable from the size of the bump, it was MASSIVE. I spent another day and night of waiting, eating curries, listening to my hypnosis Cd’s in the birth pool willing this child to come out, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. A section was scheduled for the following day, most of which I spent listening to other mums in the early stages of labour, willing my contractions to start every time I heard theirs peaking. If I could just have one contraction in the next 4 hours, I’m in. they never even started.

I listened to my Cd’s prior to the operation so I could stay calm and focus on the positives and I began to feel that familiar feeling of excitement. I wonder if it’s a girl or a boy?

A very short time later I was holding a sister for our daughter and I felt on top of the world, all over again.

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